135 lb. Stainless Steel Hopper

Optional 135 lb. stainless steel hopper with 80 lb. vibrator for better flow
Variable spread width from 3′-25′

MSRP $1,795.00


20 Gallon Auxiliary Tank

Includes frames, hoses and quick release fittings

MSRP $495.00


Fert Trays

Holds Additional salt for more production

MSRP $230.00



Poly blade

Reduces noise and cobblestone/paver damage

MSRP $120.00


Wide App Nozzle Kit

Spray system kit allows this unit to be utilized for turf applications

MSRP $175.00


Snow Plow Wings

Increased width by a full 10 inches

MSRP $85.00



keesenWe are very impressed with how the Snowrator performs its duties and have experienced that it cuts down on labor time of removing snow from driveways immensely, and does the work of many guys in the same amount of time.