Through the addition of the new material mover, the Snowrator ZX4 is truly a machine for every season.   The material mover features an all-hydraulic tipping system and gate with a simple joystick control.  The material mover has a 9 cubic foot capacity and includes a counter weight system to ensure the Snowrator is stable when transporting heavier loads.  Slick tires are also available to greatly reduce turf damage. The Snowrator quickly transforms from the traditional skid steer snow blade configuration and utilizes the same control system.

MSRP $1,595.00

Material Mover

The material mover from L.T. Rich Products features hydraulic tipping and gate functions









keesenWe are very impressed with how the Snowrator performs its duties and have experienced that it cuts down on labor time of removing snow from driveways immensely, and does the work of many guys in the same amount of time.